The Impact of Vipasana Meditation on Mental Health and Life Stress


  • Dr. Chandrakanth Jamadar Associate Professor of Psychology, Government College (Autonomous), Sedam Road, Kalaburagi, India



Vipasana, Meditation, Mental Health, Life Stress


The existential position of vipasana, namely, the inevitability of suffering (Dukkha), and its exhortation to work ardently so as to eventually reach the ultimate goal of full liberation (nibbana). Makes it a perfect tool for self-actualization, a positive mental health measure indeed. Accordingly, the primary focus of research in the health area, is a studying and evaluating the psychological benefits of vipasana, in terms of transformation in one’s personality and attitude; one’s coping patterns in the face of life stressors, one’s performance and adjustment at home, study and work; in short, the quality of life. The research made an attempt to argue that, Vipasana meditation definitely brings positive changes in life and helps the group’s members / considerably to reduce stress.  It is noticed that there is a radical difference in life stress of men and women on the one hand and non-meditators, beginners of vipasana meditation and regular vipasana meditatators on the other hand.


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Dr. Chandrakanth Jamadar. (2022). The Impact of Vipasana Meditation on Mental Health and Life Stress. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).