Stress Among Working Women: A Literature Review


  • Dr. Gurnam Singh Associate Professor GNC, Sirsa, India



Work place stress, women, review of literature.


Women are playing a very important role in the economic and social development of the nations all over the world. Research suggests that females globally rarely manage time to feel relax and are stressed and overworked most of the time. Working women have a whole set of problems involving both family and professional lives. Women have to play their role as a wife, a mother and an earner. They have to manage their career while maintaining traditional roles. That means for working women it is two sets of overlapping responsibilities. Therefore, in addition to their traditional roles, professional roles seem to be one of the major sources of stress that working women have to face. This review of literature gives information about working women stress, factors in the working environment that cause stressful situations among working women. Based on the review of the literature, stress could be classified according to the nature of the stressor (physiological, psychological), its influence on individual (positive eustress, negative distress), and the exposure time of stressor (acute or short-term, chronic or long-term).


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