Reading Between the Lines


  • Naresh Kumar Independent Researcher, Vadodara, India



Reading between the lines, hidden meanings, ulterior motives


Reading between the lines is very important if you want to excel in successfully dealing with people. Often, sentences uttered by people mean something which is totally at variance from their real intent and in such a situation, if one takes them at face value, he reads the person wrongly. This happens frequently and if you are not observant and Skilful, you do not get at the real issues and respond wrongly. The skill of reading between the lines keeps you one up as you can act wisely because you have grasped the real facts by reaching the hidden meanings. This paper brings out different facets of reading between the lines. The paper explores what is meant by the phrase “Reading Between the lines”, what situations give rise to the necessity for reading between the lines, what is its importance and, finally how to excel in the ability to read between the lines.


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Naresh Kumar. (2022). Reading Between the Lines. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).