The Effect Size of the Five-Factor Model of Personality on the Relational Satisfaction of Roommates


  • Neeri Batra PhD. Scholar, SGT University
  • Amanat Bansal Psychology Graduate, Boston University
  • Mahima Makhija Counselling Psychology Postgraduate, Amity University
  • Mahi Dheri Psychology Graduate, Delhi University
  • Aastha Bhatra Psychology Postgraduate, Gauhati University



Big-Five, Personality, Effect size, Relational Satisfaction, Roommates, COVID-19


Students may find it exhilarating to leave the comfort of their homes and hope to get better educational or professional prospects. Finding a suitable roommate is one of the biggest obstacles in this change, though there are others as well. According to a review of previous work, studies examining the significance of personality traits in supporting relationship satisfaction, particularly among people in platonic relationships, are scarce. The Big Five personality scale factors are examined in this study’s analysis of the relationship satisfaction survey results for roommates who remained together both during and after COVID-19. Through an online survey using a self-created questionnaire “Codee Compatibility Inventory- Roommates (CCI-R),” information from 222 pairs of college students and the millennial workforce was gathered. The findings of this study show that relational satisfaction of roommates who are living together is highly impacted by five-factor personality traits. The considerable effects of openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness are large.


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Neeri Batra, Amanat Bansal, Mahima Makhija, Mahi Dheri, & Aastha Bhatra. (2022). The Effect Size of the Five-Factor Model of Personality on the Relational Satisfaction of Roommates. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).