Levels of Communication and Task Performance: An Experimental Study


  • Ravi Kumar Student, University of Delhi




Levels of communication, task performance, ways of communication.


Communication has proven to be one of the essential elements of human daily life functioning and organisations are no exception. Communication in organisation serves as the binding forces that connects and holds different parts of organisation for smooth functioning of the organisation. One such functioning is task performance, which is highly affected by the nature and level of communication. The present study tried to investigate the impact of different levels of communication on task performance. By using items form Cattell’s Culture Fair Test three conditions were made. Keeping the objective of the study in mind, 30 college going students were approached, and each condition was administered on the same participant with a gap of two days to control the practice effect. The results were analysed with one way ANOVA. The findings of the study suggested that there was a significant impact of level of communication on task performance. Moreover, the two way communication could be more effective than one-way communication, or no communication in term of task performance.


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Ravi Kumar. (2022). Levels of Communication and Task Performance: An Experimental Study. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.25215/1101.088