Work Motivation Among High School and College Teachers


  • Dr. Rashmi. M.



Work Motivation, High School teachers, College teachers.


The teacher transmits knowledge and improves the conditions of the classroom through orderliness, discipline and control. Teachers understand the feelings of their students and motivate them to be better individuals. Motivated teachers perform well than the non-motivated ones. There are many factors that determine a teacher’s motivation such as emotions, impulses, fears, threats, rewards, possessions, intentions, values, mastery, freedom, job satisfaction, interests, pleasure, dislikes, established habits, goals, ambitions etc. This empirical research paper focuses on the difference in the work motivation between high school and college teachers. Between groups design was chosen and purposive sampling technique was used to select the sample (N=60). 30 high school teachers and 30 college teachers between the age group of 30-45 years were chosen as the sample. Work Motivation Questionnaire (WMQ-A) was used to assess the work motivation of the sample. Independent samples ‘t’ test was used for statistical analysis. The mean values for work motivation indicate that high school teachers have low level of work motivation and college teachers also have low level of work motivation. The statistical findings revealed that there is no significant difference in work motivation between high school and college teachers thereby accepting the null hypothesis.


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