Academic Procrastination and Cognitive Emotional Regulation among Young Adults


  • Cheesha Kanwar Student, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, Delhi, India



Academic Procrastination, Cognitive Emotional Regulation, Young Adults


More than often, there are instances when there is a gap between our intentions to do something and actually doing something, this gap is what we refer to as procrastination. This in turn induces an imbalance in our emotional equilibrium. By a lot of research academic procrastination has been associated with numerous factors such as low motivation, self- esteem issues, perception of a task as difficult etc. The present research aims to study the relation between academic procrastination and cognitive emotional regulation in young adults. A sample of 40 students, aged 18-25 was taken and standardized tools were used. The results found out that there is a significant negative correlation between procrastination and cognitive emotional regulation. Further it was suggested that division of tasks in a proper manner should be implemented so as to prevent emotional overload. Positive and realistic affirmations could also be very effective in regulating the feelings. Lastly, Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT) is also one of the strongest interventions that could be employed.


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Cheesha Kanwar. (2022). Academic Procrastination and Cognitive Emotional Regulation among Young Adults. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).