Effect of internet addiction on quality of sleep in young adults


  • Ananya Gupta Student, Ba(H)Appplied Psychology, Amity University, Noida, India
  • Dr. Nikhat Kaura Faculty Guide, Aips, Amity University, Noida, India




Internet Addiction, Sleep Quality, Young Adults.


Internet addiction has become a major disorder which is affecting a majority of people now a days. The quality of sleep of people also gets affected due to internet addiction among other factors like the surrounding environment, stress or some chronic illness and pain. The research is done to study the effect of internet addiction on the quality of sleep among young adults. A sample of 50 working and 50 non-working young adults who were in between 24 years to 35 years of age were selected randomly for the study. The results revealed a positive relationship between internet addiction and sleep quality. Also internet addiction predicts 24% of variance for sleep quality among the working and non-working young adults while no significant difference was observed between quality of sleep and internet addiction among working and non-working young adults. More research needs to be conducted for the same to understand the effect of internet addiction on sleep quality among young adults much better.


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Ananya Gupta, & Dr. Nikhat Kaura. (2022). Effect of internet addiction on quality of sleep in young adults. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 7(4). https://doi.org/ 10.25215/0704.091