Marital satisfaction and extramarital intentions in clinical and non-clinical samples


  • Shukla Aarti Trainee, M.Phil Clinical Psychology Nai Subah Varanasi, India
  • Dr. M. Anuradha Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, Nai Subah Varanasi, India



Marital Satisfaction, Extramarital Intentions, Clinical, Non-Clinical Samples


Background: Marriage is the most important factor in the life of human being. It is one of the most important relationships between man and woman. It involves both emotional and legal commitment. Marital satisfaction is related with the Extramarital Intentions. Aim: To study the relationship and comparison between marital satisfaction and extramarital intentions. Methodology: The study was conducted on Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples. Consent form, socio-demographic and clinical data sheets and marital adjustment Questionnaire and Marital Satisfactory Index was used for data collection. In this study, marital adjustment and marital satisfaction was assessed on a sample of 60 couples. Statistical analysis: t-test and correlation was used. Result: The results indicated a high significant relationship between marital adjustment and marital satisfaction. Conclusion: Thus if an individual is dissatisfied with their relationship then there are possibility is having extramarital intentions. Marital satisfaction is related to happiness in life. And this study will be helpful in developing management plans for the spouse to reduced Extramarital Intenrions through psychological intervention by the professionals.


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Shukla Aarti, & Dr. M. Anuradha. (2022). Marital satisfaction and extramarital intentions in clinical and non-clinical samples. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 7(4). 10.25215/0704.100