Psychiatric Social Work Intervention with a Woman with Depression: A Case Report from Assam


  • Debashree Bora PhD Scholar, Department of Psychiatric Social Work, LGB Regional Institute of Mental Health, India
  • Dr. Sonia P. Deuri
  • Dr. Apurba Saha Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Tezpur University, India



Depression, Psychiatric Social Work Intervention, Woman


Depression is a common mental illness that affects women more than men. The impact of depression can lead to lower quality of life, increased disability in daily functioning, and poor interpersonal relationships. Biopsychosocial factors play a vital role in precipitating and maintaining depression in a person. Socio-cultural context and economical status omit a gendered understanding of depression in women. Aim: The study is aimed to test the efficacy of a psychiatric social work intervention program based on a biopsychosocial approach and initiates recovery process in a woman battling with depression. Methodology: The case study method uses the biopsychosocial approach for the detailed assessment of psychosocial factors and in formulating an intervention program by the psychiatric social worker. This intervention was aimed for enhancing the knowledge of illness by providing psychoeducation to the patient and family, managing the patient’s problematic behaviour, improving the patient’s daily functioning, improving her marital quality of life, and motivating her for gainful employment through livelihood education. Tools used in the study were Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS), Marital Quality Scale, and WHO-Disability Assessment Scale. Results: Significant improvement was observed after intervention and analyses which indicated a reduction in the depressive symptoms in a period of time and had impact on the patient’s different activities. The tailored psychiatric social work intervention program adjunct to pharmacological therapy in the treatment of the case was found effective and needs to be integrated into routine practice.


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Debashree Bora, Dr. Sonia P. Deuri, & Dr. Apurba Saha. (2022). Psychiatric Social Work Intervention with a Woman with Depression: A Case Report from Assam. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).