Sexual Satisfaction among Post Millennials


  • Sarah Carvalho Psychology Student, Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India



Sexual Satisfaction, Millennials, Hookup Culture, India


Sexual satisfaction has always been one of the primary motivators of human behaviour. As a consequence, it is a very influential aspect of all our lives and Indian society has well-established cultural and social norms surrounding our sex lives. Traditionally, Indian culture only approves of sexual intercourse after marriage and sex is considered as a taboo topic and pre-marital sex and sexual exploration is severely condemned. However, the social rules around matters of sex are more relaxed nowadays. The adolescent and young adult, population of today have more exposure to such topics and have more opportunities and freedom to engage in sexual activities and explore their sexuality. Today’s norm involves sexual exploration before committing to long-term relationships or marriage. This is borne out by the ‘hookup culture’ that is popular among today’s youth. There exists a dearth on research about sexual satisfaction in the Indian context.Why do post millennials engage in hookup culture despite the prevailing social norms? How does engaging in sexual encounters against the prevailing social norms affect post millennial individuals? How does the lack of an emotional connection impact sexual satisfaction among post millennial individuals? Personal interview was conducted. The results of this study have significant implications for decoding newly emerging trends and cultural around premarital sex and prevalent hookup culture among today’s youth. It can also be evaluated to understand the other behavioral tendencies that arise with such a disconnect.


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