Indian Media After COVID-19 and It’s Perspective


  • Dr. Mohsin Garana Assi. Prof. ILSASS (CVM Uni.)



Spirituality, Gratitude, Demographic Variables, Students


This study is aimed to investigate about after effects of media after facing recent pandemic. The central and state governments of India have taken several unprecedented and drastic measures to curb the spread of the novel corona virus. Which include imposing lockdowns, social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings throughout the country and. In result most of the industry remain shut and postpone their events, production including media. Alternate solution adopted by industry for their employment. In post pandemic era to boost up their growth rate of every industry measure been taken for economy as well as hiring new talent and reprogramming their advertisement platforms to their method for publicity.


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Dr. Mohsin Garana. (2022). Indian Media After COVID-19 and It’s Perspective. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).