Health Journalism: An Enigma?


  • K. R. Sowmiya
  • Nirupama A Y Lecturer, Indian Institute of Public Health- Hyderabad, India
  • K Myl Kumaran Senior Resident, Department of Community Medicine, A.C.S. Medical College and Hospital, Chennai, India
  • Ravivarman G Professor, Department of Communtiy Medicine, Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu, India



Bioethics, Medical journalism, Medical ethics, Journalism ethics, Public health, Health communication


Ethics, even though not legally binding, are vital to practice of both medicine and journalism. An inappropriate or incorrect reporting of a health-related event can in times be as dangerous as an incorrect therapy. Understanding the challenges of medical journalism starts with the differentiation of medical journalism into that for the healthcare professionals and then a separate segment for the general public. In most of the cases, a report is influenced by factors like need for public approval, TRP (Television rating point) or in case of scientific literature; a lack of interest in research and an ineffective peer review.


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K. R. Sowmiya, Nirupama A Y, K Myl Kumaran, & Ravivarman G. (2022). Health Journalism: An Enigma?. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).