Gratitude and Emotional Wellbeing among Research students of Kashmir during COVID-19


  • Urfath Nabi Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, University of Kashmir, Srinager Jammu and Kashmir, India



Gratitude, Emotional Well-Being and Research Students


The situations after covid19 affected almost every section of society. The measures taken to prevent spread of the disease left a significant impact on mental health and well-being. The present study was carried out to measure Gratitude and emotional well-being among research students enrolled in three different universities of Kashmir during Covid-19. Data was collected using “The Gratitude Questionnaire-Six Item Form (GQ-6) by McCullough and Emotional well-being scale by Portia and Shermila. Statistical analysis like product moment method, descriptive statistics and t- test was carried out. Results revealed that Gratitude has significant positive relation with different aspects of emotional wellbeing i.e., mental health (p<.05, r=.22), Emotional resilience p<.05, r=.27), Emotional health (p< .05, r=.24) and Emotional happiness (p< .05, r=.27). Gender differences were assessed for both the variables. The results on an independent sample t-test showed that there is no significant difference in gratitude and emotional well-being of research students with respect to Gender.


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Urfath Nabi. (2022). Gratitude and Emotional Wellbeing among Research students of Kashmir during COVID-19. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).