Consequences of Internet Addiction Among Adolescents


  • Saloni Research scholar



Internet, Internet Addiction, Family Environment, Parenting styles, Identity Crisis, Aggression, Adolescents


The Internet has become the global agent in the world of Information Technology. Nowadays it has become an essential part of an individual’s life. It is helpful in every possible way whether it’s positive or negative. It is giving comfort to the individuals as well as also making them a procrastinator and leading them to a path of addiction, commonly known as Internet Addiction. One of the reasons behind Internet addiction is the family environment as well as the parenting styles. Authoritative type of parenting styles is leading them to internet addiction as they are not having a cordial relationship with their parents and leading them to an identity crisis as they are compelled to behave according to the world of the Internet. Additionally, internet addiction is linked positively with aggression among individuals.


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