Virtual Reality as a Solution for Workplace Stress


  • Saloni Arora
  • Dr. Mamata Mahapatra



Virtual Reality, Workplace Stress, Biophilia, Immersion, HMD, Relaxation, Burnout, Turn-over, Simulation


With continuous investments being made in the domain of simulation and allied technologies, the interest in virtual reality is on the rise. Cogent evidence is available pertaining to the implications of virtual reality in the clinical and organizational fields. VR is emerging as a successful intervention for dealing with a range of psychological problems, including but not limited to, stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, nociceptive disorders, etc. In the organizational context, the feasibility of VR for training and appraisals is well-known. Taking reference from the available literature, however, makes it apparent that there is dearth of research concerning the application of VR in the workplace for stress management, especially so when Asian settings are taken into consideration. Thus, this study aims to explore employees’ perceptions about the suitability for VR to deal with stress at the workplace and to determine if it could be used as a relaxation tool for the employees. Due to the lack of availability of a standardized scale to determine the effectiveness of VR as a solution for workplace stress, the study takes a qualitative approach. The sample size consists of 17 individuals with age ranging from 25 to 50, employed in the organizational sector, at the middle to top level management. A 3D video incorporating biophilic elements was shown to the participants, after which they were interviewed to gauge their perceptions about the immersive experience. Further, thematic analysis is employed to derive inferences from the data. From the data, a number of themes emerged. Overall, it was found that the subjects had a positive immersive experience, experienced relaxation, and were in favor of implementing the VR technology at their workplace. It was found that aquatic elements were favored by the majority. The participants also expressed the need for VR to be custom-based.


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Saloni Arora, & Dr. Mamata Mahapatra. (2022). Virtual Reality as a Solution for Workplace Stress. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).