Women’s Individuation


  • Shivangini Pandey School of Civil Engineering/Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India




Individuation, Women, Identity, Wholeness, Autonomy, Psychology


This article gives the depth insight on the women’s individuation and provide the detail explanation on the different process involved in women’s individuation. In this article, we have thoroughly explored the women’s relationship with their bodies, stages of women’s individuation, the problems faced by women during individuation. We have deeply explained the state of conscious and unconscious mind during the individuation process. This article consists of points that explain how women autonomy effects the individuation process.  Indian women state of autonomy, their individuation, their contribution to the Indian society, challenges faced by Indian women and ways to overcome the challenges have been briefly explained in this article. We have provided the examples of notable Indian women like Sarojini Naidu, Marry Kom and their contribution to Indian society. In a real sense, Individuation is the process of becoming the whole well integrated person and it comes from one’s inner being. And it is a process which we experience throughout life.  Individuation that one may achieve throughout their life is dependent on the environment in which one lives, culture, upbringing of the person, their exposure to the world, their own conscious and unconscious mind. Individuation is unique self-identity that differs from other individual. The development of the individuation is crucial during the upbringing of the child. Individuation process in a child can be negatively impacted when the parents do not take care of the feelings, choices and identities for their children. Difficult in individuation process may leads to unhealthy relations with others, challenges in professional life, poor decision-making skills and one find difficult to identify their goal of life. If the individuation process in women positively goes well, it not only benefits their own life but is beneficial for the whole society, nation and mankind.


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