Inclusion of Women with Disability in India


  • Dr. Amrapali Mahadev Jogdand Research fellow ICSSR (Delhi)
  • Major Dr H.J. Narke Research Guide



Inclusion, women with disability in India


Although there is a global trend toward women with disabilities striving to forge their own identities in this complicated culture, their situation in poorer nations, particularly India, remains significantly different. The condition of disabled women is particularly dismal since, in addition to gender difficulties, they confront a triple handicap and discrimination as a result of their condition. Women with disabilities face a wide spectrum of violence, from neglect to physical abuse to denial of traditional duties such as marriage and motherhood. This review paper highlight on inclusion of women with disability in India and their intervention, Programming for the inclusion of girls with disabilities.


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Dr. Amrapali Mahadev Jogdand, & Major Dr H.J. Narke. (2022). Inclusion of Women with Disability in India. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).