Interconnectedness of Organisms & Conception of Mental Health in Indian Culture


  • Pratima Mishra Department of Psychology, Vani Mandir, Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan, India



Relative Self, Food Chain, Zoolatry, Animism, Totemism, Natural Resources


India is a vast country and presents a great deal of geographical, cultural, mythological, spiritual, and religious diversity. India as a country exhibits similar diversity in flora and fauna species. There is an interconnectedness in this diversity as well. Human beings are deeply connected to other organisms biologically. The respiration process and the food chain exemplify that we are dependent on each other for survival thus we need to pay respect to every organism on earth to maintain that balance. In this term paper, I shall introduce how we all are interdependent, how our mental health is based on the balance of this association, and how Animal & Plant worship culture in India is related to this interdependence between organisms. Indian Psychology emphasizes collectivism and coexistence which means an individual’s self is an outcome of one’s family, society, environment, and many other factors. Animals and Plants are a part of this collective self thus need to be respected, protected, and prioritized in human lives. Finally, we explore various concepts, benefits & researches prevalent in India and the world related to the worship of animals and plants. Also, the problems caused due to rapidly losing connections between organisms.


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