Resilience, Perceived Social Support, And Psychological Well-Being Among College Students


  • Dr. Rahul Gajanan Kamble Head and Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Bhogawati Mahavidyalaya Kurukali, Kolhapur (Maharashtra), India



Resilience, Perceived Social Support Psychological Well-being College and Students.


Resilience and perception of social support play an important role in students’ psychological well-being. Students with efficient resilience ability and having social support from their sources can be able to maintain their psychological well-being as well as others.  It helps them to cope with their personal and academic life. Keeping in this view present study is aimed to study the Resilience, Perceived Social Support, and Psychological Well-being among College Students. 90 participants consisting from the three different faculties, from arts, commerce, and science age ranging from 17 to 21 has been selected for the study. The scale developed by Gregory Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS- 1988), Bharathiar University Resilience Scale (BURS – 2014) developed by Dr. Annalaxmi Narayanan, and Psychological Well-being Scale (PWBS – 2005) developed by D. S. Sisodia and Pooja Choudhary was used as a tool for data collection. The data were analyzed by using the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. Results revealed that there is a significant positive correlation of resilience with psychological well-being. And perceived social support and its sub-factors are also positively related to psychological well-being among college students.


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