Impact of Internet Addiction on Well Being and Life Satisfaction of College Students


  • Nausheen Khan Bachelor of Arts (Honors), Applied Psychology, Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida



Internet Addiction, Well Being, Life Satisfaction


With all the popularity and the huge widespread of internet, users are becoming addicted to the internet which is affecting their well-being and life satisfaction. Today, our lives cannot be imagined without these various online handles. This problematic computer use is a huge emerging issue worldwide. This issue has a great impact on the lifestyle and health of people of all the age groups. The basic objective of this study is to study the impact of internet addiction on the general well-being and life satisfaction of college going students and also that how are they related to each other. Taking this specific college students’ lot because the course of any generation is in the hands of the youth. This study is basically about how adverse effects internet can have on the lives of people if not used sensibly and in a limit. It affects the body and the mind and makes a person anti-social and discards him/her from the rest of the world. This study is to understand the use of internet addiction and its impact on the college going students in order to determine if there lies any significant positive relationship between them or not. This research paper consists a sample population of 100 college going students between the age of 18 to 25 out of which 50 were males and 50 were females. The subjects were made to fill a questionnaire that consisted of the demographic details and 3 standardised tests namely, Internet Addiction Test, General Well Being and Life Satisfaction of the individuals.


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