Monitoring and Maintaining Health in Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Dr. Chinmay Devidas Deshmukh Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University
  • Ms. Sanchita Singh Teaching Associate, School of Pharmacy, Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune



Yoga, Pranayama, Chair syndrome, Sedentary lifestyle.


Any kind of discomfort or disease is a very disastrous and unpleasant thing in human life. Good health and fitness are prime and fundamental requirements for performing any physical or mental activity or enjoyment in life. Good health is mandatory for all routine work. A healthy life is related to overall human pleasure, happiness, and wellbeing. It contributes to wealth, prosperity, and progress since a healthy population is more productive and efficient. Being healthy is a complete state of physical or mental wellbeing, but it is social and spiritual stability and balance of mind.  A healthy person can carry his duties and responsibilities promptly, efficiently, and effectively. If anybody has a healthy lifestyle with physical or mental fitness, he is a great wealthy person in the universe. Therefore, it is always believed that “health is wealth.” But this journey of being healthy is not that simple. There are various challenges and obstacles to being healthy. It is challenging to be healthy and disease-free. Constant, regular, and disciplined monitoring of health is essential for achieving a disease-free life. Lack of time and exercise, sedentary lifestyle, stressful profession, unhealthy eating habits, and chair syndrome are main contributing problems for being healthy presently. The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic has increased it tremendously among almost all people. Many people lost their jobs. Daily waged laborers are mostly affected. This problem has a direct impact on their bread and butter.  These all conditions are also associated with one or the other mental or physical issues. The daily activity is reduced and eventually leading to weight gain among the people. In addition, depression, anxiety, worries, and psychological stress are increased.  People are first time experiencing this situation in their life. It is essential to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong during this terrible phase. Because of this, the present review is planned to make the people cautious about their health and help them understand the importance of alternative medicine, including yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and some therapies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, mental and physical fitness, and overall balance of mind.


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Dr. Chinmay Devidas Deshmukh, & Ms. Sanchita Singh. (2022). Monitoring and Maintaining Health in Covid-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).