Role of Psychology in Re-Orienting Dalit Youths of Bihar for Future India


  • Jitendra Kumar ICSSR, Doctoral Fellow, Division of Social Psychology, North -West Gandhi Maidan, A N Sinha Institute of Social studies, Patna -1, India



Psychology, Re-Orienting, Dalit Youths, Bihar


The Role of Psychology is increasing day by day. Psychology exists at every sphere of life. Applying social psychology, guidance and counseling, health and sports psychology could be very useful for the youth. Bihar has been a center of psychologists since inception of this discipline in India. If the psychological knowledge will be used to train the Dalit youths in Bihar, it could be very fruitful for their future which ultimately will be future of India. In area of psychology, development of learning environment for Dalit youths and marginalized community, create opportunity for their guidance to develop required skills to cope with requirements of modern jobs. For that purpose, organizing training programmes, workshops, Seminars, Conferences, in area of Applied Psychology involving other branches of Psychology would be very fruitful. Create some placement opportunity, Capacity building programmes in the area of Psychology for Dalit students, businessman, School teachers, parents, and community could be an added benefit. We should engage the Dalit youths in social initiatives for their nation, state, and community. There is need for holistic approach to re-orient the Dalit youths of Bihar for Future of India.


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Jitendra Kumar. (2022). Role of Psychology in Re-Orienting Dalit Youths of Bihar for Future India. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 10(1).