Psycho-Social Impact of Drum Circle: A Qualitative Study with NEET Aspirants


  • Ms. Poorva D Shinde Research Scholar
  • Dr. Mrs. Mrunal A Bhardwaj Vice Principal, HoD-PG Department of Psychology, LVH college, Nasik



Drum circle, group drumming, NEET aspirants, psycho-social wellbeing, qualitative study.


Academic stress and anxiety can be multifaceted. It goes on to impact the emotional, mental and physical well-being of the students. Music and active participation in music making have proved beneficial in stress management and emotional wellbeing. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to investigate the impact of drum circle on NEET aspirant’s emotional and mental well-being. Method: The sample of this study includes 47 NEET aspirants between the age group of 16-18 (Girls=23, Boys=24) from a coaching institute based in Nasik. Observations and unstructured interviews were conducted to collect data. They were coded to deduce prominent themes. Conclusion: the drum circle session was found to be beneficial to improve the sense of wellbeing across physical, emotional and mental domain.


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Ms. Poorva D Shinde, & Dr. Mrs. Mrunal A Bhardwaj. (2022). Psycho-Social Impact of Drum Circle: A Qualitative Study with NEET Aspirants. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).