Interventional Remedial Teaching with Phonics to Students with Reading Disability


  • Yogesh Shamrao Nimgade Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, F. E. S. Girls’ College, Chandrapur, Maharashtra State, India



Learning Disability, Reading Disability, Phonics Instructions, Remedial Teaching.


Reading is highly important and key ability. It is rather gateway for education and academic achievement. Person can learn to speak naturally without formal training however, for reading one need to undergo proper training and education. Learning disability is incapacitating to any person. Person with reading disability is cannot perform well in academics and therefore they are unemployable which can create economic misery. Children who have developed learning disability, particularly reading disability are at disadvantage. The investigator aimed in this study to use phonics as method of intervention to alleviate reading problem of normal elementary school going students. Information about learning disability is collected from teachers through standardized test to select students with learning disability. Participants in this study received extensive tuition on reading through phonics for three months. Subjective reading test was conducted along with standardized test on learning disability. Significant improvement is found in the reading ability of all participant. Hence systematic phonic instructions can be really helpful in making students fluent readers.


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Yogesh Shamrao Nimgade. (2022). Interventional Remedial Teaching with Phonics to Students with Reading Disability. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).