Influence of Hostility and Personality on Personal Effectiveness among Lawyers


  • Dr. Reena George Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Fatima Mata National college, Kollam, Kerala, India 



Hostility, Personal Effectiveness, Personality


The study aims to investigate the influence of hostility and personality on personal effectiveness among lawyers.  The inventories used for the study were Hostility Inventory by Williams; Harperperennial (1994), Type A and type B Personality inventory, (Jenkins, Zyzanski, ; Rosenman, 1971) and Personal effectiveness inventory (Andros,1999). The statistical tools of correlation, ANOVA were used. The participants were randomly selected from various courts in Calicut district. The data collected have been analyzed with the help of SPSS 20. The sampling was done on the principles of simple random sampling. Results revealed that there is no relationship between hostility, personality and personal effectiveness. Results also showed that hostility and personality have a significant role on personal effectiveness. Therefore, the conclusion of the study is that hostility and personality do significantly influence Personal effectiveness.


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Dr. Reena George. (2022). Influence of Hostility and Personality on Personal Effectiveness among Lawyers. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).