Productivity, Work Pressure, and Wellness are Related


  • Nitish Shrivastava Research Scholar
  • Neel Tiwari Research Scholar
  • Elaiyaraja Thangavel Research Scholar
  • Abhishek Verma Research Scholar
  • Samir Sood Research Scholar



Work-Life, Productivity, Health, Wellness, Flow, Organizational Resources, Personal Resources, Positive


The research conducted in this article was used to prove that work stress has a measurable impact on wellness and productivity of professionals. Research was conducted by placing typical work patterns of subjects in perspective, identifying sources of data for various aspects of the subject’s interactions with work during the day, classifying and organizing collected data based on criteria related to time, groups, etc. and then used to draw conclusions via corelation of work stress periods with periods of productivity. The research concluded that work stress does in fact have a measurable impact, not just on individual subjects, but also has long term consequences for organizations/groups.


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Nitish Shrivastava, Neel Tiwari, Elaiyaraja Thangavel, Abhishek Verma, & Samir Sood. (2022). Productivity, Work Pressure, and Wellness are Related. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).