Atha – The Connection Between Yoga and Mindfulness


  • Sraddha Kausthub Student, MOP Vaishnav College for Women, India



Atha, Indian Psychology Mindfulness, Meditation, Patañjali, Yoga, Yoga Sūtra-s


Background: With Mindfulness gaining popularity in recent years, several papers have been published on this theme. However, while most authors trace its history to Buddhism, the connection between Yoga and Mindfulness goes unnoticed. Purpose: In order to fill this research gap, this paper has been written, defining and describing Mindfulness through two lenses — the modern science of Psychology and the ancient philosophy of Yoga. Review Of Literature: Atha, the first word in the Yoga Sūtra-s of Patañjali, is said to represent a life characterised by moment-to-moment attention — precisely what Mindfulness advocates. The nuances of the philosophy capture many aspects of Mindfulness that modern Psychology in recent years has discovered. The paper starts with a comprehensive account of various definitions of Mindfulness, moves on to the connection of Mindfulness with the heart and ends with a note on the axioms of Mindfulness. Conclusions: This study is not without drawbacks since it is a secondary paper. However, the importance of comparative studies and the presentation of Mindfulness from a traditional Indian as well as a modern psychological perspective can benefit the development of Indigenous Psychology.


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