Roots of Violence


  • Naresh Kumar Independent Researcher, Vadodara, India



Violence, Physical violence, Psychological violence, Road Rage, Rape, Suicide, Murder, Mob lynching, Mass killing, terrorism, war, Causes of violence, Types of violence.


Humans are bundles of emotions. Hatred, jealousy and violence have become routine part and parcel of our lives. Slapping, beating, road rage, rape, murders, suicide, mob lynching and mass killings happen frequently and we wonder what has happened to the human psyche that life has become so cheap. Why do people hurt and kill others? In this paper, we shall explore in a structured manner, the meaning of violence, and peep into the difference between physical and non-physical violence. The types of Physical Violence will be discussed in detail. We shall finally try to analyze and get at the root cause of violence of different kinds.


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