Psychological Impact (Suicide ; Violence) of Covid-19 Pandemic Era by Electronic ; Print Media


  • Poonam Pandey Asst. Prof. Department of psychology SDMPG College Doiwala, Dehradun
  • Pankaj Joshi PG student, M.A.4th sem



Covid-19 Pandemic, Suicide, Violence


The objective of the study was to find out the psychological impact in form of suicide ; violence cases occurred in the lock down and covid-19 pandemic period by electronic ; print media popular in Dehradun district. Total 200 cases of suicide and violence were taken from the newspaper Amar ujala, Dainik Jagaran and Novbharat Times. And news portal Uktez, Hindustan times and India Today by convenience sampling technique. The finding reveal that the covid-19 pandemic made huge impact on suicidal tendency and violence behavior. 22.5% of violence cases are of family conflict, 15% cases are of lost their job/economic tensions, 8.5% are of depression/frustration/mental illnesses, 12% cases are of love/revenge and 42% cases are of unknown reasons. The reason behind 11% of suicidal cases were family conflict, 16% were lost their jobs/economic tensions, 9% were depression/frustration/mental illnesses, 11% were love/revenges and 51% cases were by unknown reasons. 65% of total suicidal cases and 61% of total violence cases were male, 35% of total suicidal case and 39% of total violence cases were female. Suicidal cases were 70% and violence cases were 60% in age group of 20 to 40 years. By personal observation, discussion with experts and the past data reveal that the suicidal and violence cases were more in this meantime of covid-19 pandemic era and lockdown period.


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Poonam Pandey, & Pankaj Joshi. (2022). Psychological Impact (Suicide ; Violence) of Covid-19 Pandemic Era by Electronic ; Print Media. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).