A Comparative Study of Teaching Aptitude of Pupil Teachers in Relation to their ICT Knowledge


  • Dr. Dikshaa Gwal Assistant professor, Department of Education, L.S.M. G. PG. College Pithoragarh
  • Mr. Naresh Singh Gwal Assistant professor, Department of Sociology, Govt. PG College Bageswar 




Teaching Aptitude, ICT Knowledge and Pupil- teachers


Teaching aptitude of a teacher plays a very important role in teaching. The present study has been done to investigate the study of teaching aptitude in relation to their ICT knowledge in kumaun region of uttrakhand. Descriptive survey method of research has been used. Random sampling technique was used to consist a 484 sample of 300 B.Ed and 184 D.El.Ed pupil-teachers. Teaching aptitude scale by Prakash ; R.P. Srivastava and ICT knowledge scale constructed and standardized by the investigator were used to measure teaching aptitude and ICT knowledge of pupil-teachers. The study depicts that there is significant difference in teaching aptitude between high ICT knowledge and low ICT knowledge pupil-teachers revealing that high ICT knowledge group have high teaching aptitude than low ICT knowledge group. The investigator found that teaching aptitude of D.El.Ed pupil-teachers were found significantly higher than teaching aptitude of B.Ed pupil-teachers. ICT knowledge of B.Ed. pupil-teachers were significantly higher than the ICT knowledge of D.El.Ed pupil- teachers.


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Dr. Dikshaa Gwal, & Mr. Naresh Singh Gwal. (2022). A Comparative Study of Teaching Aptitude of Pupil Teachers in Relation to their ICT Knowledge. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.25215/1101.098