Perception of the LGBT Community among Old Age


  • Anamika B. Panickar Student, Kristu Jayanti College
  • Sharmili Chatterjee Assistant Professor, Kristu Jayanti College



Old Age, LGBT Community, Heteronormativity, Gender Perception, Cultural Change


The purpose of the study was to explore how older males aged 60 and above would perceive the LGBT community while taking into consideration the different factors that would affect their perception. Perception towards the LGBT community varies greatly across different cultures and age groups. The data was collected by the qualitative method of a semi-structured telephonic interview and then analysed using thematic analysis. The sample consisted of 7 male participants who were selected depending on their prior knowledge of the LGBT community. A few of the major themes that were reflected in the findings were the overall factors that affected their perception towards the LGBT community: impact of heteronormativity, religiosity and spirituality, level of awareness, personal experiences and encounters. The findings showed that most older individuals had a more biased perception towards the LGBT community which was mostly in accordance with higher religiosity, lack of awareness and the heteronormative culture embedded within them. The study can help psychologists, researchers, doctors, and social activists to acquire a deeper understanding on how prejudice against the LGBT community occurs and come up with ways to resolve them.


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Anamika B. Panickar, & Sharmili Chatterjee. (2022). Perception of the LGBT Community among Old Age. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).