Parent’s Attitude towards Girl’s Child Education. A Review


  • Mohd Tariq Mir Research Scholar, SOS-Sociology, Jiwaji University Gwalior Mp
  • Showkat Ahmad Lone Ph.D Research Scholar, Department of Education, University of Kashmir, Srinagar



Education, Girl’s education, Parents Attitude, NEP (202) and Opportunities in education.


The Latin word “Educare,” which is the root of the English word “education,” implies to nourish or cause to thrive. Regardless of gender, colour or geographic location, everyone has the right to be educated. The advancement and betterment of society are significantly influenced by women education. Women instructors who can act as role models for girls and who might put parents of young girls at ease should be hired. Giving girls access to sports can also help achieve gender equity in the classroom. For parents to send their daughters to school without hesitation, the schools need to be safeguarded. Partly due to the lack of separate restrooms, many girls quit school when their menstruation starts. A lot of girls are kept at home to assist with chores. Early marriage customs, together with social conventions and values, lessen the value of educating girls. While educating a male is just like educating an individual, educating a girl is like educating a whole family. The aim of the study is to examine how parents feel about their daughters’ education. After examining numerous obstacles to girls’ education, the researcher is highly optimistic about the research’s consequences, which include encouraging parents to send their daughters to school and drawing the attention of the people toward girls’ education in order to improve their educational status. The data collected for this study is secondary in nature, collected through various journals and articles.


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Mohd Tariq Mir, & Showkat Ahmad Lone. (2022). Parent’s Attitude towards Girl’s Child Education. A Review. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1).