Emotional Intelligence in Number of Siblings and Gender: A Comparative Study


  • Oshin Sangole Psychologist
  • Prof. V.N. Borkar Professor
  • Asst. Prof. Nishigandha Date Assistant Professor




Emotional Intelligence; Males; Females; Only Child; Siblings


The present study was aimed to investigate the differences between emotional intelligence of only child and siblings and males and females. A sample of 350 males and 350 females, 300 sibling males and 300 sibling females, 50 only child males and 50 only child females was collected using Emotional Intelligence Scale by A.K. Singh and Shruti Narain. The sample was collected using snowball sampling, accidental sampling and google form. Results indicated that only children (M = 24.92 and SD = 3.49) are significantly high on Emotional Intelligence (t = 0.52, p1lt; 0.05) than siblings (M= 24.76 and SD= 2.76) and females (M = 24.83 and SD = 2.83) are significantly high on emotional intelligence (t=0.48, p1lt;0.05) than males (M = 24.73 and SD = 2.92). There was no significant difference between the gender and number of siblings. The study raises a question about how it is not conducted on adolescents and working-class people. Further studies can explore these possibilities. The obtained results could help to find out the emotional intelligence between only children and siblings and how it will effect one’s personality.


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Oshin Sangole, Prof. V.N. Borkar, & Asst. Prof. Nishigandha Date. (2022). Emotional Intelligence in Number of Siblings and Gender: A Comparative Study. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.25215/1101.195