Experiences of a visually-challenged student: a qualitative study


  • Ms. Zarnab.Zahoor Student, Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi, India




Visual Impairment, Semi-Structured Interview, Thematic Analysis, Achievements, Inferiority Complex, Self-Reliance


The present study is a qualitative research that aims to investigate the lived experiences of a girl with visual impairment and the mechanisms to combat her notions of disability. For this purpose, a 19 year old female college-student was interviewed using a semi-structured interview. The data thus gathered was analysed using thematic analysis and the emergent themes were discussed. Results indicated that the visually impaired girl has a stronger focus on achievements but at the same time, tends to be distressed by her disability. Because of this, she seems to have developed an induced sense of inferiority complex. However, she seems to persist through her disability with self-reliance and also seems to take a broader notion of life in general. The study provides useful insights into dynamics of upbringing and essential provision of services to the blind.


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Ms. Zarnab.Zahoor. (2022). Experiences of a visually-challenged student: a qualitative study. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 7(4). https://doi.org/ 10.25215/0704.011