Meditation and yoga: need of today


  • Dr. Ravindra M. Ghoti



Meditation, Yoga


Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual discipline and branch of philosophy. It is practice that connects the body, breath and mind to energize and balance the whole persons. Yoga is a means of achieving spiritual enlightenment that has brought exclusive global change in the life style of people. Meditation and yoga are natural compliments to each other. Yoga is an active, physical way to prepare the mind for meditation. Originally, yoga techniques were of mouth. Yoga began to gain popularity in the went the end of 19th century. Yoga works for good health some say it reduces stress like other mind body therapies. The technique of yoga is superb way to connect yourself and let your inner being come out in the best possible manner. Yoga enables everyone to move towards the state of development consciousness which is oneness with the scared. The main purpose of yoga is to purify the mental state.


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