Openness to experience personality trait as predictor of career well-being among it professionals


  • Piyushkumar Dholariya Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, Rai University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Dr. Ashwin Jansari Former Professor, Department of Psychology, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India



Personality Trait, Predictor Of Career, IT Professionals


The focus of the present study was to investigate Openness to experience personality trait as the predictor of career well-being among IT professionals. A sample of the study comprised 120 IT professionals (male = 60; female = 60). The age criteria of subjects for the sample was 21–40 years. Big Five-Factor personality scale by Arun Kumar Singh and Ashok Kumar was used to measure personality factors and to measure career well-being scale was used of Himanshi Rastogi and Janki Moorjani (HS-RHMJ) of 120 professionals who are currently working from the different IT sectors. For the statistical analysis of the data, t-test and regression analysis were computed. The findings revealed that openness to experience, emerged as significant predictors of career well-being. t-tests indicated that there are no gender differences in career well-being. Considering the implications of personality trait openness to experience on career well-being among IT professionals, the current research may assist in augmenting the organizational behavior in general and boost the productivity in particular which are both essential ingredients for the deliverance of services to all the stakeholders linked with the IT professionals in Ahmedabad, India.


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Piyushkumar Dholariya, & Dr. Ashwin Jansari. (2022). Openness to experience personality trait as predictor of career well-being among it professionals. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 7(4). 10.25215/0704.058