The role of gender and medium in educational aspiration of school students


  • Pooja Prajapati Ph.D. Student (Clinical Psychology), Dept. of Psychology, Gujarat University, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India
  • Dr. Trusha R. Desai Supervisor, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Government Arts and Commerce College, Jadar, Gujarat, India



Educational Aspiration, Secondary School Students.


The study is conducted to study Educational Aspiration among school students in relation to their gender and medium. Total sample of 200 hundred students was selected from various school of ahmedabad city 100 boys and 100 girls were taken from Gujarati and English medium. Tools like Educational Aspiration Scale Form P (EAS-SG) developed by Dr. V. P. Sharma & Dr. Anuradha Gupta (2015) was used to assess the Educational Aspiration of the selected respondents or sample. The results were statistically analysed using the `t’ test. There was a no significant difference found between girls and boys in their Educational aspiration. There was a significant difference found in Gujarati and English medium school students in their Educational aspiration.


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Pooja Prajapati, & Dr. Trusha R. Desai. (2022). The role of gender and medium in educational aspiration of school students. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 7(4). 10.25215/0704.089