Youth problems and aggression among adolescents


  • Ravina J. Vekariya Research Scholar, Department of Psychology, Rai University (Dholka), Ahmedabad, India
  • Dr. Jigar Parikh



Aggression, Youth Problems, Adolescents


Youngsters often feel that traditional political discourse, spheres and mechanisms do not represent them. Though calls for equity and social justice, environmental protection and cultural diversity resonate with young people, they participate little in decision-making or in discussions on key socioeconomic and political issues. The specific objective was to compare and examine Aggression and Youth Problems among Adolescents in relation to gender and habitat. It is the survey quantitative research in which the event has already occurred and the effects of the variables were studied by qualitative analysis. For the present research, work researcher has chosen 480 adolescents from various districts of Gujarat state. Further, they were classified into 2 groups i.e. male (240) and female (240). All the adolescents were selected through random sample technique. In the present study to find out the significant difference various groups of adolescence one way ANOVA , Mean and SD were calculated. As far as the role of gender was concerned with the aggression, similarly, the habitat of adolescents was also found significant for youth problem and it was reported not significant for aggression.


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Ravina J. Vekariya, & Dr. Jigar Parikh. (2022). Youth problems and aggression among adolescents. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 7(4). 10.25215/0704.128