Impact of Work Family Conflict on Submissiveness among Dual Earner Couples


  • Sharu P John Research Scholar, Department of psychology, University of Calicut, India.
  • Soniya John Research scholar, Dept. Psychology Aligarh Muslim University, India



Work family conflict, Submissiveness


Work-to-family conflict is an important issue in the context of the sustainability of careers and caring. The present study is intended to understand the impact of work family conflict on submissiveness among dual earner couples. The sample for the present study was 120 dual earner couples (60 males & 60 females). The instruments used for the study was the submissive behavior scale (Gilbert & Allan 1994) and Work family conflict scale (Netemeyer 1996). The statistical analysis used for the study was students t test and Karl Pearson product moment correlation. The results showed that there is a positive relationship between work family conflict and submissiveness. As work family conflict increase submissiveness also increases. Results also indicate that females experience more work family conflict than males and it was found that Submissiveness is high for dual earner couples with high work family conflict.


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Sharu P John, & Soniya John. (2022). Impact of Work Family Conflict on Submissiveness among Dual Earner Couples. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).