The Role of Mindfulness in Mitigating Stress amongst Young Adults


  • Gayathri Mohan Kumar BA (Hons) Applied Psychology, Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences, Amity University, Mumbai, India



Mindfulness, Stress, Young Adults, MBCT - Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


An abundance of research indicates that teens and young adults are experiencing increased levels of stress and depression. According to data collected by the American Psychological Association for the Stress in America Survey, teen stress rivals that of adults. Results of the survey show that not only do teens identify that their stress levels are not healthy, but they also underestimate the impact stress has on their mental and physical health. There is an emerging body of evidence that suggests that mindfulness is effective for relieving anxiety and stress. The present study is aimed to investigate the role of mindfulness in reducing the stress levels in young adults. For this purpose, a total 103 young adults (between the age of 18-35) were selected. Data collection was done with minimum demographic details and scales. The scales used for this research were: Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory (FMI) by Walach, 2006 and Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) by Sheldon Cohen, 1983.  The result of the study suggests that there was a significant inverse relationship of mindfulness on the stress levels that affect a young adult. It can be concluded that mindfulness has a significant positive effect on the stress levels in young adults.


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Gayathri Mohan Kumar. (2022). The Role of Mindfulness in Mitigating Stress amongst Young Adults. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).