Marital Adjustment among Working and Nonworking Mothers


  • Dr. Shreelakshmi. K Assistant Professor, Government Arts College, Bengaluru, India



Marital Adjustment, Working and nonworking mothers


Married life on the other hand entails some aspects of compromise where one has to consider the partner’s opinion in regard to an issue before making a decision no matter how personal it may seem to be. It also involves a lot of sharing for example time and other resources, with the family members (husband/wife and children), There are various benefits accrued to a married life for instance having someone to share one’s achievements and difficulties, to love and get love from as well as comfort and emotional tie that could be missing in a single life. The present study compares the Marital adjustment among working and nonworking mothers. 30 working mothers and 30 non-working mother’s participants total 60 mothers. The questionnaire was included in the study used to assess the Marital adjustment. The Marital adjustment scale developed by Har Mohan Singh (1972) was used for data analysis and concluded result “t” test was used. There is a significant difference in the Marital Adjustment among working and non-working mothers. The result indicates the working mothers significantly differ on Marital adjustment score as compared to non-working mothers, nonworking mothers have shown better Marital adjustment compared to non-working mothers.


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