Life after Death-Surpassing Existing Theories -Scientific Thoughts


  • Naresh Kumar Independent Parapsychological Researcher, Vadodara, India



Death, What Happens After We Die, Scientific Explanation Of After-Life, Life After Death, Theories About Life After Death, Death Experiences, Mysteries Of Death


There have come up several contemporary theories trying to explain life after death philosophically. Prominent among them are Survival Theory, Super psi Theory followed by Radical Survivalism Theory. I had gone beyond these theories and presented My Energy Survival Theory (2020)—”Life After Death-Contemporary Theories and Beyond” which tried to lift the theoretical thinking from philosophical planes and bring it near to scientific thinking. This was done by bringing in the scientific concept of Energy and its transformations to give meaning to the explanation of Life after Death. This paper is a sequel to the Survival Energy Theory and it goes even beyond my own theory and is an extension of my theory to enlarge the structure and scope of the theory with scientific thoughts. The paper aims to establish a stronger scientific foundation for the Energy Survival Theory. I discuss briefly the prevailing theories including Energy Survival Theory so that going beyond these theories is meaningful. I also bring some insight into the death experience into the extended theory so that we move towards the ultimate logical explanation to the mystery of life after death which has so far alluded us. Some questions still remain unanswered and it is left to Physicists to research and find answers which will reveal all scientific facts about death and after-life.


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