A Study of Care Giver’s Burden in Parents of Children with Specific Learning Disability


  • Gavneet Kaur Pruthi Clinical Psychologist, India




Specific Learning Disability, Care-givers, and Family burden


Current research findings have indicated that diagnosis of specific learning disability in a child is commonly experienced as having a devastating effect on parent’s lives. Parents or care-givers are definitely the heart of the family; who not only has to deal with the issues associated with child’s disability but also has to maintain the household. To date, a number of studies have demonstrated that caregivers are more vulnerable to develop mental and physical problems as compare to non-caregivers. The present study assessed and compared the family burden among the parents of children with specific learning disability and healthy controls. Family Burden Interview Schedule was administered on 50 parents of children diagnosed with specific learning disability from special schools in New Delhi and 50 parents of healthy controls. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS-16.0. The results revealed a high prevalence of burden in study group. Further in comparison, a significant difference was found between study group and healthy control group. Study group showed significant higher level of burden than healthy control group.


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Gavneet Kaur Pruthi. (2022). A Study of Care Giver’s Burden in Parents of Children with Specific Learning Disability. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2). https://doi.org/10.25215/0902.046