Cognitive Deficits and Alcohol Dependence Syndrome– A Paradigm Relationship


  • Dr. Madhusudhan. S Associate Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, BMCRI, Bangalore, India
  • Dr. Anitha A Junior Resident, Dept of Psychiatry, BMCRI, Bangalore, India.
  • Dr. Sharon Ruth Clinical Psychologist, Dept of Psychiatry, BMCRI, Bangalore, India.



Cognitive Deficits; Alcohol Dependent Syndrome; Neuropsychological Assessment


Background– Chronic alcohol use causes not only physical consequences but causes cognitive deficits also. 50 and 80% of the Alcohol dependent syndrome patients present with cognitive deficits. These cognitive deficits will significantly contribute to poor functional outcomes which lead to reduced health related quality of life. Objectives- 1. To assess Cognitive deficits in Alcohol Dependent syndrome (ADS). 2.To find the relationship between early onset of alcohol use, duration of Alcohol use and large quantity of alcohol use with Cognitive deficit pattern. Method- A cross sectional study was done on 38 patients with ADS, aged 18- 45 years, education ≥7th std, with no major psychiatric or medical co- morbidities. AUDIT scale was administered to look for dependence pattern, CIWA scale was applied to look for withdrawal symptoms. MoCA scale was applied to screen for cognitive impairment in patient with MMSE score (25 and above). In subjects with cognitive impairment on MoCA scale (25 and below), neuropsychological assessment was done using neuropsychological battery of test from NIMHANS Neuropsych battery standardised on Indian Population. Results-There was impairment in the Cognitive domains as follows, speed of processing (BACS – 100%), attention (DF- 97%) working memory (DF-97%, DB-100%, LNS – 84%), visual memory (100%), visuo-spatial memory (78%), executive functions (CT2 -92%), reasoning and problem solving (maze- 81%) in majority and a significant relation between early onset of alcohol use, duration of Alcohol use. Conclusions- There is a significant impairment in the areas of speed of processing, attention, executive functions, reasoning and problem-solving domains. Significant association between Age of onset of ADS (Early onset) with Executive functions. Attention domain was found to be associated with longer duration of alcohol intake, whereas working memory deficits was associated with large quantity of alcohol intake.


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Dr. Madhusudhan. S, Dr. Anitha A, & Dr. Sharon Ruth. (2022). Cognitive Deficits and Alcohol Dependence Syndrome– A Paradigm Relationship. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).