Effect of Online Training in Scaffolded Problem Based Learning Strategy (PBLS) on Student Teachers’ Problem-Solving Ability


  • Vaishali Manoj Sawant Associate Professor, Hansraj Jivandas College of Education, India




Online, Learning Management System, MOODLE, Teacher Training, Problem Based Learning, Scaffolds, Problem-Solving Ability


One of the twenty first century skills is the skill of solving problems, problems one encounters in day-to-day life situations, simple as well as complex problems. To solve problems successfully is more than just accumulating knowledge- it involves development of flexible, cognitive strategies that help analyse different problem situations to produce meaningful learning outcomes. Online training in Scaffolded Problem Based Learning Strategy using the learning management system, MOODLE is intended to guide student teachers to become experts in the field of study, capable of identifying the problems based on the domain knowledge of the discipline and analyzing and contributing to the solutions in a completely online mode. The online training package, designed on the lines of ADDIE model is assigned four credits and student teachers need to put in 120 hours of study for completion of the training. The package incorporates PBLS, follows collaborative approach and has provision of scaffolds. The study was conducted on 41 student teachers of College of Education. The student teachers were selected on the basis of their competence in the use of computer and internet. The student teachers undertook the online training in Scaffolded Problem Based Learning strategy (PBLS) wherein the student teachers had to solve ten problems related to difficulties faced by school teachers and administrators in the implementation of various aspects of PBLS. Effectiveness of the online training to develop problem-solving ability of student teachers was measured by Problem-solving inventory developed by Heppner and Petersen (1982). Findings indicate that the Online Training in Scaffolded PBLS is effective in enabling the student teachers to develop problem-solving confidence.


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Vaishali Manoj Sawant. (2022). Effect of Online Training in Scaffolded Problem Based Learning Strategy (PBLS) on Student Teachers’ Problem-Solving Ability. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2). https://doi.org/10.25215/0902.063