Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Sleep Cycle Pattern


  • Pravesh Charan Isai Student, M.Sc. Forensic Psychology, School of Behavioral Sciences (National Forensic Sciences University) Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, India



COVID-19, Lockdown, Sleep Experience, Coronavirus Infection, Chronobiological Rhythms.


The imprisonment throughout the recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a very modified fashion for several people. These changes were largely restrictive in terms of social interaction, creativity, opportunities, and positive relationships. The restriction was additionally extended to physical activity, mobility, and availability of food as well. In effect, these have non-continuous chronobiological rhythms as these are influenced by not solely the sunshine however additionally alternative zeitgebers like a meal, social interaction, and physical activity. Thus, a structured routine will facilitate in rising sleep period and quality through multiple intrinsic and external factors. To mitigate the unfold of the pandemic coronavirus infection (COVID 19), governments across the world have adopted lockdowns that have confined several people to their homes. This disrupts traditional life routines, parts of that are the necessary unit of time cues. The pandemic is additionally related to new stressors, altered roles, and uncertainties regarding health and economic security, which also are doubtless to affect sleep. This review article principally focuses on the sleep expertise, routines, physical activity, and symptoms of tension and depression, to check the alterations related to the imprisonment. the current COVID-19 epidemic could be a rare scenario wherever a large population is confined to the house and doesn’t seem to be compelled to follow a structured routine.


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