Impact of Social Media and Fear of Missing Out


  • Aryavani Arya M.A. Psychology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India



Social media, Fear of missing out, Problematic smartphone usage


Social media is like a black hole, once you enter, there’s no coming back. Over the recent times it has become overly dependent on the usage of social media. The way it keeps us engaged has been properly strategized by the algorithms to keep us hooked and hence making the whole concept of social media profitable to its makers. Technology was always made to make our routines easier, instead we’ve unnecessarily made ourselves busier. Lurking through social media all day long and looking at what others are doing makes us feel as if we are not living our lives fancy enough to be happy about, due to which social media is creating fear of missing out. Fear of missing out is a state where a person constantly feels that something is left out from his/her routine, as if others are having more exciting lives, and are living a more happening life as compared to theirs. Fear of missing out is most triggered with problematic usage of social media. Over the recent past times it has been analysed that smartphone usage has increased multifold, which is more or less all about social media. It is better to nip the evil in the bud. It is advised to take precautionary measures before you start to fall prey to social media and fear of missing out. A little effort done every day can make us feel grounded with the real-life picture, for example, taking regular detox from social media, continuing journaling, keeping up with gratitude journaling so that we are thankful for what we have.


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