Changes Experienced by Psychologists in Their Personal Lives


  • Dolce Advani Student, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India



Psychologists, Stresses, Boundary, Professional, Personal


Psychologists help people with their day to day problems, and also with severe mental disorders, however, people are unaware of what effects does practicing as a psychologist are, and if those effects are mostly positive or negative. The following study, is an interview search study, and it focuses on how psychologist maintain a boundary between their personal and professional lives, deal with the daily stresses, clients and the changes that take place in their behaviour and thoughts after coming into practice. The data is collected from two psychologists, one with less experience in the field, and the other with experience of more than 7 years. A semi structured interview was prepared which covered all dimensions to be asked. Both the participants were interviewed, and the data has been collected, recorded, transcribed. The data was analysed using thematic analysis technique, where major themes and their codes are discussed. We find that the psychologists have experienced change in their lives, and are able to cope with it using different coping strategies, however, there is no change in their personality. Dealing with stress becomes better with time and experience, and the development of a boundary that has to be maintained between personal and professional lives becomes strong.


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Dolce Advani. (2022). Changes Experienced by Psychologists in Their Personal Lives. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).