The Influence of Psychological Factors on Pain in Diabetic Patients


  • Dr. Pooja Wadhawan Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Mata Sundri college for Women, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Prashvi Mendiratta Student, University of Northampton, United Kingdom



Pain, Diabetes, Psychological factors, Self-Care


Diabetes has been associated with chronic metabolic disorder leading to physical, mental and psychological well-being. These patients live their whole life with multiple complications and pain. Diabetes is the biggest contributor for foot pain among the patients. The unmanageable pain led to psychosocial problems that impacts their well-being and emotional state. Understanding about such psychological influences of pain on diabetic patients which could be their personal experiences, cognitions, expectations, perceived control and anxiety can be helpful in their treatment, associated with speedy recovery and self-care. The current review paper therefore examines these psychological influences especially on diabetic patients and when unmanaged can lead to emotional distress and negative thought processes. These negative emotional cognitions impair their recovery and other psychological interventions. Search was performed to know psychological factors in pain and its relevance to diabetic patients, understanding this will support patients and medical practitioners in dealing with their patients. To improve their psychological stress and ability to cope and manage pain.


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Dr. Pooja Wadhawan, & Prashvi Mendiratta. (2022). The Influence of Psychological Factors on Pain in Diabetic Patients. International Journal of Indian Psychȯlogy, 9(2).